Featured Performance

The students of the Riverside Arts Academy perform "Let There Be Peace on Earth" to show solidarity to the people of Ukraine. Thank you to our community for coming together to spread the message of love and peace. Our hearts are with you, Ukraine!

“We’re all about changing lives through the arts!”

the mission:

Riverside Arts Academy provides access and connection to the arts with a focus on music, as a way of changing the trajectory of the lives of underserved youth ages 4-17.

Our vision:


Positively develop students from elementary school through high school graduation.


Work to build a community of supportive families and community partnerships to further the RAA Mission.


Foster collaboration among students, teachers, student mentors, staff, Community partners, funders, sponsors, and the Board to accomplish more by working together rather than separately.


Respect one another as students, parents, teachers, mentors, staff, community partners, funders, sponsors, and Directors.


Take responsibility for their own acts and failures to act and for the success of their students and programs; as students, as families, as teachers, as staff, and as Board members.


Work to sustain its ability to promote the development and health of its students and its communities in the future.


Work to promote the integrity of its personnel, students, and program.