To our village within the City of Riverside: The Riverside Arts Academy wishes to express our heartfelt thanks.

“It takes a village.” “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.” These phrases emphasize solidarity and support within a group or community. The phrase “all for one and one for all” was popularized by the French Author, Alexandre Dumas in The Three Musketeers novel. The phrase “it takes a village” derives from an African proverb that it takes many people to provide a safe, healthy environment for children where they can develop, flourish, and realize their hopes and dreams.

Due to the leadership of Assembly Members Jose Medina and Sabrina Cervantes, and the efforts by our Board of Directors, Parks and Recreation and City staff, Ken Gutierrez, Wendel Tucker, Annemarie Guzy, Scott Bauer, and Councilmember Clarissa Cervantes, the Cesar Chavez Community Center (our main home) will receive a $25 million renovation, funded by the state of California. Our “village” will become a true state of the art “Arts Academy” where we can serve our tribe of musicians and artists to help them continue on a path of good citizenship and personal growth.

We are grateful for the leadership provided to make this milestone event occur and can’t wait to witness the transformation of the Cesar Chavez Community Center, as we continue to change the lives of the children of our community.

Now, more than ever, we need “our village,” the city of Riverside, to rally around our most precious resource, our children, and support our programming. Help us celebrate and support our 10th Anniversary gala City of Love, at the Fox Performing Arts Center on October 21, 2022. Be a part of history as we come together to showcase the amazing talent our city has produced. We will have a special guest, Alpin Hong, and highlight talent from Riverside City College, UC Riverside, La Sierra University, and Cal Baptist University. It’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss. Purchase tickets at

Collette Lee
Founding President, Riverside Arts Academy