Our Partners Shared Vision:


Positively develop students from elementary school through high school graduation.


Work to build a community of supportive families and community partnerships to further the RAA Mission.


Foster collaboration among students, teachers, student mentors, staff, Community partners, funders, sponsors, and the Board to accomplish more by working together rather than separately.


Respect one another as students, parents, teachers, mentors, staff, community partners, funders, sponsors, and Directors.


Take responsibility for their own acts and failures to act and for the success of their students and programs; as students, as families, as teachers, as staff, and as Board members.


Work to sustain its ability to promote the development and health of its students and its communities in the future.


Work to promote the integrity of its personnel, students, and program.

The City of Riverside

Community Partner

The City of Riverside is committed to many opportunities for residents, visitors, artists and organizations to share in our city’s cultural expression through the arts.

The City provides support and creates local, regional and national partnerships with Riverside arts and cultural institutions, the Smithsonian Institution, and others.

We are guided by our mission which is to champion and advance Riverside as The City of Arts & Innovation in the broadest economic and social context possible.

Together we all work to provide access to the diversity of art and culture in Riverside!

The City of Riverside Parks and Recreation

Community Partner

The City of Riverside Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department provides innovative recreational experiences and social enrichment opportunities and continues to address the changing needs for people of all ages and cultures, in a variety of safe and attractive parks, landscapes and facilities.

Assemblyman Jose Medina Statement

RAA Community Board

Musical Director

Dr. Gene Moon

Executive Committee

Collette Lee, President
Ofelia Valdez-Yeager, Vice President
Lauren Lee, Treasurer
Scott Bauer, Secretary

Ex- Oficio

Councilman Andy Melendrez
Councilman Jim Perry

Educational Partners

Riverside County Office of Education
Alvord Unified School District
California Baptist University
La Sierra University
Riverside City College
Riverside Unified School District
University of California, Riverside

Community Board

Tina Covington
Antonio Garcia
Miguel Lujano
Beth Schwandt
Stephen Crane
Ken Guttierrez
Diana Medina
Dr. Wendall Tucker

Patricia Solano
Adolfo Cruz
Annemarie Guzy
Dawn Pia
Elizabeth Stralka
Letty Diaz
Vickie Haner
Ellie Bennett

Stephen Posegate
Anthony Zamora
Chief Sergio Diaz
La Wayne Hearn
Elvin Rodriguez
Freya Foley
DawnEllen Jacobs
Sid Salazar