Riverside Arts Academy provides access and connection to the arts with a focus on music, as a way of changing the trajectory of the lives of underserved youth ages 4-17.

We will achieve this by:

  • Advocating for music education in our community as an equalizer in our schools and community for our youth by providing free or low cost instruction and instruments
  • Focusing and creating a diverse music community of the highest quality that is rich with cultural, social, opportunities in music and performance opportunities
  • Coaching and being a resource for existing and future music teachers, school districts, colleges and universities with real life teaching experiences in their musical disciplines with the goal of staying and working in our region
  • Advocating the importance of music, as it relates to literacy in our schools, and collecting data to support this mission
  • Developing informed and inquiring minds through exposure to community leaders and peer to to peer mentoring
  • Through its community and education programs, offering the highest quality music/arts instruction and performance opportunities for students of all ages to improve their academic outcomes and potential to achieve in their lives