Position: Executive Director, Riverside Arts Academy

Status: Full-time, exempt

Reports to: Board of Directors

Positions supervised: Music Director/Program Director, Program Coordinator, Program Assistant

Salary- $90,000 – $115,000

Benefits – Monthly healthcare benefits, paid vacation

Position Summary:

The Executive Director (ED) shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of RAA to carry out the mission and strategic plan of the organization as set forth by the Board of Directors. The ED shall provide leadership and overall management of all personnel, budgets, committees and consultants utilized in the business of RAA, as well as executing operations and function of the organization. The ED will provide a calm and transformative vision for the organization. We are seeking someone with vision, but also a hard worker who will be directly involved in day-to-day implementation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Artistic, Programming, and Operations:Executes direction of the RAA Board, and oversee all activities of the organization
  • Supports operations and administration of the Board by advising and informing Board members, interfaces between Board and RAA Staff, prepares regular reports for Executive Committee, Board President, and Board of Directors
  • Provide guidance, leadership and suggest direction, working with the Board of Directors in developing and refining the strategic plan and mission of RAA on a periodic basis
  • Work collaboratively with Music Director / Program Director to execute RAA’s mission with particular emphasis on supporting low-income students and families, and creating excellent afterschool music education programs that directly tie to in-school music programs with the Riverside Unified School District, and support Alvord Unified School District’s student needs.
  • Oversee and direct operations and logistics of weekly Saturday program at the Cesar Chavez Community Center, Afterschool programs at the Cesar Chavez Community Center, Weekly afterschool programs at 4 RUSD sites, and offerings at AUSD, Annual Community Gala, Annual Making Music in Education Conference, annual summer arts camp.
  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge of and passion for the arts, have a strong background and success in quality, diverse programming for music and arts education that reflects local demographics to further the organization’s image and visibility, regionally and nationally.
  • Work collaboratively with the Music Director/Program Director to advance the creative direction of RAA through arts education offerings that support and inspire the youth of Riverside
  • Contribute to the assessment and modification of organizational and programmatic strategies in response to new knowledge, changes in context, and new perspectives, serving as a thought partner with the city, community, educators, artists, and other diverse stakeholders.
  • Support RAA as an El Sistema organization.
  • Oversee effective use of resources, including overseeing inventory, supplies, equipment and materials
  • In conjunction with the RAA Music Director / Program Director, organize and implement a summer music camp for the community.
  • Community Partnerships: Demonstrate stewardship for various community stakeholders
  • Foster strong community partnerships that are at the heart RAA, and include: Alvord Unified School District, Cal Baptist University, Cal State San Bernardino, City of Riverside Parks & Recreation, Police Department, La Sierra University, Latino Network, Fire Department, Riverside City College, Riverside Unified School District, University of California, Riverside, Windermere Tower Properties, and many more
  • Serves as primary point of contact for organizational business affecting students and parents, community partners, RAA Staff and Teaching Artists
  • Assures the organization, its mission, and programs are consistently presented in strong, positive messaging to relevant stakeholders
  • Represents RAA in local, regional and national conferences, training programs, and other non-profit functions
  • Develop and nurture new stakeholders and community partners to increase future program opportunities and resources for students and families
  • Administrative and Finance Management:Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations
  • Exhibit a fiscal acumen in overseeing organizational budgets, controlling expenditures, developing financial analysis, and implementing internal controls to ensure operational and fiscal integrity.
  • Balance financial stability with service to the community, demonstrating a solid understanding of non-profit structure with the ability to relate to, understand the needs of, and communicate with a wide variety of individuals, constituents, and staff.
  • Manage key business agreements such as the city management contract, and ongoing agreements with school districts through relevant experience in programming, logistics, and maintenance of a multi-use multi-venue facility.
  • Personnel:Facilitate a positive culture and productive work environment supportive of cohesive, creative, and inclusive work where staff of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds are appreciated, valued, and respected.
  • Lead and inspire the staff to work well together, while developing and training staff to support for their future growth
  • Oversee and support a team of personnel, with direct reports of the Music Director/Program Director, Program Coordinator, and Program Assistant.
  • Provide an evaluation process for direct reports, and work collaboratively with Music Director /Program Director to support evaluation of teaching artists
  • Effectively manages the human resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations
  • Fund Development, Philanthropy, and Marketing
  • Researches and write grants
  • Create and manage an array of fund development strategies and opportunities through a comprehensive understanding of development, fund development, and philanthropy informed by experience with endowments, major gifts, corporate sponsorships, foundation giving, and government support, working collaboratively with the Music Director/Program director to support these strategies
  • Articulate the mission of RAA to primary donors and city officials to further identify and cultivate relationships with key individual donors, potential corporate sponsors, foundations, trustees, funders, and other untapped fiscal resources.
  • Collaborate with the board, staff, and arts partners to leverage the caliber of strategic initiatives that elevate the profile, image, and audiences of RAA
  • Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery, quality and effectiveness of the program
  • Oversees fund development planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals and administrating fundraising records and documentation
  • Oversee the creation of marketing and sales plans to articulate a united brand identity that increases RAA’s visibility and reach across the Riverside community
  • Enhance all marketing and communications strategies to broaden the reach of RAA highlighting the unique mission and public image of the organization as a regional asset

Traits and Characteristics

The Executive Director of the Riverside Arts Academy will be an approachable, congenial, trustworthy partner and a strong community-minded leader, who has a grounded ego and the ability to support and motivate staff, and inspire the community. Both a community leader, fund development and collaborator, the ED should be an opportunistic and flexible leader able to connect the dots, and ensure that all operations are executed in support of RAA’s mission. The new ED will easily shift between multiple projects, tasks, and priorities in all areas of the organization with a demonstrated commitment to collaboration and partnerships. The ED will have a strong dedication to the arts with solid experience in fundraising, development, and philanthropy. As the outward face of RAA, the ED will be a strong visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit, who thinks innovatively and is able to speak confidently with both city officials and the community, leveraging the value of the Center locally and regionally.

As the leader of a small team, the ED will also have the capacity and desire to directly handle many operations and support the overall administration of the organization.

Other key competencies include:

  • Goal Orientation, Planning, and Organizing – The ability to set, pursue, and attain goals, and always be forward-thinking, with strong capacity for planning to ensure successful outcomes
  • Leadership – The capability to organize and influence people to believe in a vision while creating a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Community Centric – Understanding and support of the essential importance of RAA’s many community partners, who are at the heart of RAA and what makes the organization unique. The ED will be a collaborative community partner with the greater city of Riverside, always connecting the many organizations that work together in support of arts education for youth in Riverside.
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving – The acuity to analyze all aspects of a situation to make consistently sound and timely decisions and defining, analyzing, and diagnosing key components of a problem to formulate a solution.
  • Strong Communication skill set- internal and external


Qualified candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in arts, music, arts administration, business, marketing, or related fields. Must have demonstrated skills in decision-making, planning, and organization with progressive years of experience, including progressive management experience, in fields directly related to arts administration / arts education, business. Proficiency with various computer software, business technology, and the implementation of business management systems is necessary. Knowledge of public administration with additional experience in, and awareness of, safety and security preferred. Desired training in, study of and/or experience with diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility initiatives, research work with the latest trends in arts education. Bi-lingual in Spanish is a distinct advantage. Experience in collaborative program design and development coupled with a demonstrated successful track record of sustainable implementation and execution of large-scale projects. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with demonstrable ability to effectively facilitate meetings, present publicly, and provide professional and appropriate information in written materials and other media. excellent time management and organizational skills. Ability to work effectively with diverse personalities and populations (including socio-economically challenged children and families) and work cooperatively in a small, open workplace environment.

Additional Requirements:

Familiarity with standard desktop computer applications,Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record, successfully pass criminal background check

Please send resumes to president@riversideartsacademy.com

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $90,000 – $115,000 per year


  • Health insurance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Weekend availability

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Riverside, CA 92501: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)

Willingness to travel:

  • 25% (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

Job description

Position: Music & Program Director, Riverside Arts Academy

  • Salary & Benefits: Full time, exempt, $68000-$70,000 annually; 14 days vacation
  • Reports to: Executive Director
  • Compensation: Annual Salary + Benefit Package (health insurance, expense reimbursement)
  • Start Date: January 1, 2023. Position is full time and includes work on Saturday mornings and evenings for events.
  • Note: If you would be interested as either a part-time Music Director or part-time Program Director, we may consider a split position. Please apply and indicate this preference.

Overview: Riverside Arts Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses primary music as an instrument for social transformation, empowering children to acquire values and achieve their full potential, positively affecting their society through the study and performance of music. Riverside Arts Academy’s vision is to create opportunity and access through music for those most in need, improve the quality of life for children today and ultimately transform their lives, the lives of their families, and their communities. Emerging as a model for music education programs nationally, Riverside Arts offers free-of-charge, after-school programming to all students with no barriers to entry, regardless of race or economic status.

The Riverside Arts Academy is housed at the Cesar Chavez Community Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with classes taking place there, at other community centers across the city and additionally at select elementary schools in the Riverside Unified School District (specifically Beatty, Bryant, Longfellow, and Highgrove in 2018-19), and select schools in the Alvord Unified School District.

Designed as an intensive, low cost or tuition-free, after-school community and Saturday music program. Riverside Arts Academy provides hundreds of children from Riverside communities with most untapped potential with a fully integrated music curriculum, high quality musical training, and opportunities for leadership and social development. The program builds the transferable practical skills needed to improve academic motivation, classroom success and social preparedness, and creates new avenues of cultural awareness. Ultimately, by enriching the lives of individual children and creating orchestras including Mariachi, the program seeks to create social change within the communities served. More at: Riversideartsacademy.com.

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Music & Program Director serves as the head of the organization’s educational programming and carries out the implementation of its curriculum with a clear eye toward musical and non-musical, social outcomes.

The Music & Program Director will help recruit and oversee the programming staff and the team of Teaching Artists and their professional development; oversee the performance season; cultivate educational and artistic aspects of organization’s programming partnerships and administer the inventory of programming resources including the musical instruments and equipment. The Music & Program Director will uphold Riverside Arts Academy mission, vision, and core values, and the ideals of the El Sistema philosophy, in order to create an encouraging environment in which staff, teachers, students, and families thrive. This is a two-part role that requires equal attention on fostering a high-quality music experience for students as Music Director, while also seeing the full picture as Program Director who envisions and executes and recruits to create strong experience for our beginning students as well.

Music Director Responsibilities

  • Build strong relationships between Community ,higher educational institutions,school district music programs to gain trust and a collaborative approach with higher level students.
  • Oversee student musical and social learning progress and provide musical support, direction and supervision for instructors and students enrolled in the music all Academy classes (e.g., Brass, Winds, Strings, Choir).
  • Envision a cohesive music curriculum across all programs and ensembles.
  • Remain involved with all ensembles under the RAA and once established, assume duties as principal conductor of the Riverside Arts Academy Youth Orchestra, and give student directions.
  • Serve as the principal conductor of the Riverside Arts Academy Youth Orchestra, and oversee all ensembles under RAA
  • Oversee teaching artist staff, monitor their success, and provide positive and constructive feedback to all teaching artists
  • Submit an Accountability plan for the organization with timeline, expectations, and priorities, and how to measure musical success of students.

Program Director Responsibilities

  • Oversee development of RAA program curriculum of RAA in conjunction with Curriculum Director and Board representatives prior to the start of the program.
  • Build up and foster high numbers of students for beginning level programs, including working with school sites, visiting in-school music classes, and recruiting students at community and school events.
  • Work collaboratively with staff, and oversee logistical needs
  • Communicate clearly, effectively, and transparently to be a guiding resource for the organization on curriculum and musical direction. Assist in the design of program improvements, new programs, and expansion to new sites
  • Ensure all programs, teaching artists and staff adhere to strict safety and supervision protocols.
  • Build systems for feedback on program quality and progress from various stakeholders, and create accountability systems.
  • Work collaboratively with the Executive Director to build/foster/create community partnerships
  • Establish trust among parents and families
  • Effectively Recruit Teaching Artists and communicate mission of RAA
  • Other duties as assigned

Experience & Desired Qualifications

  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in arts, education, or social service organizations, and a 4-year undergraduate degree.
  • Significant experience as a musician and conductor, especially working with children. Experience working with/conducting beginning levels as well as advanced levels.
  • Experience in collaborative program design and development coupled with a successful track record of sustainable implementation and execution of large-scale projects.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with demonstrable ability to effectively facilitate meetings, present publicly, and provide professional and appropriate information in written materials and other media.
  • A warm, kind, collaborative, and trustworthy professional, who values relationships and people.
  • Familiarity with standard desktop computer applications, excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse personalities and populations (including socio-economically challenged children and families) and work cooperatively in a small, open workplace environment.
  • Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record, successfully pass criminal background check. Must pass background checks and TB test prior to the start of work.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $68,000.00 – $70,000.00 per year


  • Health insurance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Weekend availability

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Riverside, CA 92501: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)

Work Location: In person

Job description

Position: Teaching Artist, Riverside Arts Academy

Status: Part-time, Contract

Salary: $18.00 – $33.00 per hour

RAA Teaching Artists lead music classes offered every Saturday at the Cesar Chavez Community Center and after school classes offered at select Riverside elementary schools. Students receive high-quality music instruction and mentorship at no cost to their families along with loaned instruments to use for the duration of the program. Riverside Arts Academy is an El Sistema USA member organization. Approximately 4-10 hours a week. TAs will also attend select group planning meetings prior to and during the program.


  • Bachelor’s degree in progress or equivalent experience
  • Pass a background and reference check prior to hire
  • Experience in live and virtual music teaching and performances
  • Exceptional ability to work collaboratively and transparently with students ages 7-17
  • Willingness to learn about and support the mission of Riverside Arts Academy
  • Proficiency as a performer in one of the following idioms: Band, Strings, Choir
  • Exceptional speaking/presentation skills

Specific Duties

Execute lesson plans during weekly Riverside Arts Academy music classes. Ensure students are attentive and productive during music class sessions and performances. Communicate with parents on student practice requirements, individual goals, and future performance details. Collaborate with other Teaching Artists and their respective music classes to ensure students are progressing consistently. Collaborate with other Teaching Artists for group performances. Support students in their class with positive teaching practices that encourage social-emotional growth. Other responsibilities as assigned.

Teaching Artist reports to the RAA Music Director and the General Manager. All positions and their availability are based on current organizational needs.

Job Type: Part-time, Contract

Salary: $18.00 – $33.00 per hour


  • Weekend availability

COVID-19 considerations:

Teaching Artists must follow the COVID-19 safety policies in place at their respective school site.


  • Music Teaching: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: Multiple Locations