The Riverside Arts Academy (RAA) is an organization working to bring the benefits of visual and performing arts to underserved, at-risk youth. Just as the arts are a diverse, collaborative endeavor, the RAA works with other local stakeholders to offer comprehensive programming to the youth it serves. By fostering talent, healthy development and expression, the RAA serves a vital role in the fabric of our community and I steadfastly support its mission.

Visual and performing arts are an essential part of a child’s education and confer a wide range of benefits. Evidence shows that it improves multiple areas of cognition, including memory, listening, language, and concentration. Art and music teach students to think about different perspectives, and to savor shared elements while valuing the differences, thus bringing together communities and cultures. This, along with the positive effects on cognitive development, makes the visual and performing arts an essential component of education.

As a long time teacher, I appreciate the positive impact music and art have on learning and brain development. In fact, my son works in the music business, an interest that started when he was very young and fostered by teachers and family. Unfortunately, not all schools can provide broad arts and music programming, which makes organizations like the Riverside Arts Academy invaluable to our communities and deserving of our support.


Jose Medina

California State Assembly Member, 61st District